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Jammed Ice Floods Neighborhood

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Jammed Ice Floods Neighborhood

ITHACA (WENY) -- As temperatures continue to plummet, concerns are rising for a Northern Ithaca neighborhood where Emergency Crews have been trying to break up jammed ice in Cascadilla Creek.
     "We have an ice jam-- a big huge bulk of ice. It is not going anywhere and it's preventing the water from going down the stream and down the creek," said Ithaca Police Officer Jamie Williamson.
     The back up has caused many homes to flood. Officer Williamson said crews only have a small window to break up the ice before it gets even colder tonight.
     Emergency workers waited for large excavators to arrive from Interlaken and Preble. They tried using smaller ones, but were unsuccessful.
    One of the neighborhoods flooded is on Dey Street. The water's gone right into Paul Davis's basement.
    "In our basement it's waist high or maybe a little deeper than that," said Davis. "We've been trying to pump it out. The fire company has come out and used one of their larger pumps to help pump it out."
      Neighbors have been working together to stop things from getting worse. Some, trying to build snow blockades and barricades, like Varya Siegel, who's lived here for ten years.
     "All the houses around here have to get flood insurance," said Siegel. "I've heard about this happening. Often the creek gets high, but this has never happened in the time that I've been here.
     Meanwhile, Paul's furnace is completely under water. He does have electricity, and plans on using some portable heaters he just bought, for now.
     "My parents have a house just a couple blocks away and they're on vacation in Puerto Rico, so we may move there for the duration," said Davis. "We'll probably have to have the furnace either repaired or replaced."
     Crews are  worried about the water on Dey Street and in Cascadilla Creek freezing and melting again.