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Jordan Frysinger Found Not Guilty

Written By: Candice Cole
Frysinger Acquitted

     BATH---(WENY) After a little over three hours of deliberations the jury found Jordan Frysinger not guilty on three counts of 1st Degree Attempted Rape and one count of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Act.
     Frysinger faced maximum sentences of 15-25 years in prison for the alleged rape of a teenage girl at a post-prom party hosted by the Frysingers on May 19th, 2012.
     Upon leaving the courtroom, Frysinger's family and supporters were very emotional; thankful that they can now finally put this behind them. The alleged victim's family was visibly disappointed with the verdict.
     The main sticking point in this case was that the prosecution had to prove that the alleged victim was unconscious or unable to communicate unwillingness.
     During closing arguments this morning, Defense attorney William Easton told the jury,"Maybe she can't recall what happened, but the evidence will demonstrate she was not physically helpless." The jury agreed.
     Mr. Easton's reaction to the verdict didn't come as a surprise. He said, "I think they were thorough, I think they analyzed the evidence and applied the law... The standard of what physical helplessness was. I think they did their job."
     Regarding the loss, Prosecutor Michael Tantillo said, "Proving a rape via physical helplessness is very difficult because the jury instruction is so stringent; it's a very, very tough standard to meet.... My speculation would be that the jury felt very strongly that something bad had happened, but that they just didn't feel there was enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt."
     Neither Tantillo nor Easton would comment on any of the reactions outside the court room.