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Keeping Sidewalks Clean

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Keeping Sidewalks Clean

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Now that it's finally warming up, people are doing some Spring Cleaning. But it's causing some eye sores and hefty code violations.
    Just driving around Elmira, it's easy to spot tires, couches and tables on sidewalks. That junk is a violation of the City's code of ordinances.
    If violators don't clear it within 48 hours of getting a notice, they could be hit with a fee of at least $100. It all depends on how many items need to be picked up and how many workers are needed.
     "Clean it up yourself it's cheaper than us," said City of Elmira Code Enforcement Director, Rocco Picarazzi. "Don't disregard the violation order and then call when you get the bill because at that point it's too late and we can't do anything about it."
     People who need assistance can stop by the city clerk's office to set up a date to use a dump truck for yard waste overnight for $30. Or for $10 people can arrange with the clerk to leave an appliance, overstuffed couch or chair on the curb on a specific date.
     Refrigerators and Freezers will not be removed.
     "It's an eyesore and it distracts from neighborhoods and everything. People that do maintain get upset with people that don't," said Picarazzi.
     If you'd like to use the two programs the city offers, call the City clerk at 737-5673