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Lakes Cooperative Agreement

Cooperative Agreement

     TIOGA, PA - [WENY]     The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Friends of Tioga-Hammond and Cowanesque lakes have officially joined forces Tuesday night.
     The ceremonial agreement was signed earlier tonight at the Ives Run Visitor Center. The agreement would let the lake friends help the Army Corps of Engineers bring volunteers, services, and educational program to the lakes.
     The Army Corps of Engineers mission at the lakes are flood risk management, water quality, environmental stewardship, and recreation.
     Don Kelly, with the Friends of Tioga Hammond and Cowanesque lake group said, "Mainly we just want people to come out and enjoy the lakes, and enjoy the outdoors, which we are going to do through educational programs, like we did a short time ago like ice fishing in Tioga County, stuff like that."
     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Colonel Trey Jordan said, "We can expand everything that we do with our permanent and seasonal ranger staff, and it's a great addition. We can do extra camping, extra fish habitat, restoration, those sorts of things, and the friends are going to help us do that."
     For more information on the Friends of Tioga-Hammond and Cowanesque lakes or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, you can call the visitor center at (570)835-5281