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Last Minute Shoppers

Last Minute Shopping

     Just a few hours remain until Santa Claus comes to town, but local shoppers aren't ready just yet and saved their shopping until the last minute.

     "I haven't bought anything yet I'm still debating on what to get my parents for Christmas," said Trevell Moore.

      The parking lot and Arnot mall were pretty crowded for the day before Christmas and fortunately for many of these shoppers most stores were open until 5 p.m.

     But, the number one question is, But, the number one question is, why did people wait until today?

     “Well that's the only time we really had to go because we're pretty busy,”  said Emma Byington.

     “Well we didn't have time more often and this is one of the easiest times to get gifts,” said Cloie Simpson.

     Many did wait until today, even though they know they should be getting done earlier.

     “We say we're going to stop doing it, but we end up doing it anyway,” said Tiffany Schorpp.

     However, some say, they have last minute shopping down to a system.

     “One hour start to finish. I started this morning at 10:30 ended at 11:30,” said Arthur Malorzo.

     He says he waited until last minute because “efficiency; it's the key to Christmas shopping.

     While others, wait for the best deals around this time of year.

     “Well because I'm a typical guy. You know, I always wait last minute cbecayse you can get the best deals on the last day,” said Tim Lee.