Police ID Suspect in Tioga Co. Homicide Case

Written By: Renata Stiehl
Police ID Suspect in Tioga Co. Homicide Case

     WELLSBORO, PA (WENY) -- Court documents point at a Tioga County, Pennsylvania woman in connection with an attack on an elderly couple that left a man dead.
     Our media partner, the Star Gazette reports Pennsylvania State Police filed a search warrant application for 57-year-old Deborah Lockett of Nauvoo. According to the court filing, spent bullets from the scene at the Litzelman home in Liberty matched a handgun found at Lockett's home. Police also say that the survivor in the attack, Edwina Litzelman, picked out Lockett's photo out of a group of pictures.
     Back in September, police say someone posing as a possible distant relative working on a geneology project went to the Litzelman home, and was invited inside. The suspect soon demanded money, and shot Oliver and his wife, Edwina. Oliver was killed; Edwina was found barely alive in her home two days later.