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Local Couple fears Another Russia Attack

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Local Couple Fears Another Russia Attack
ITHACA (WENY) -- Liubov, Ross and Ivan Trent had plans to bring in the new year with family in Volgograd, Russia this year. Fortunately plans didn't work out Or they would have been in the midst of terror attacks.
     "If the purpose of the terroristic act was to cause hatred, they achieved it. People are scared, people are hateful and I'm just hoping it isn't going any further," said Liubov."
     The couple married in 2010 and try to make a trip back to visit Liubov's parents, sister, and her kids every year.
     "It's very sad because I know those places, I can picture it in my head where the attack happened," said Liubov. "I saw the places on the internet. I recognize the places. It's not far from where my parents live."
     Liubov found out about the attacks while she was visiting her in-laws in Philideplphia.
     "Her sister's often out and about and so it was very scary," said Ross.
     The attacks happened so close to Russian New Year, a celebration similar to how the rest of the world celebrates Christmas. Families there celebrate until January 7th
     This year, many families cherished one another's company inside, with fewer people attending fireworks celebrations across the country.
     "New Year's is pretty big in Russia, everybody likes to go out. Especially on the first, to see a movie, to go bowling," said Liubov. "Everything is closed now, it's difficult to even get groceries. People are just staying home and spending time with their families.
     Russian President, Vladamir Putin addressed the nation today saying they will continue to fight the terrorists  "certainly, fiercely, and consistently" until they are completely annihilated.
     "It's a city that's dealt with adversity before and they can stand up and overcome it again," said Ross.
     More than 30 people are dead from the blasts in Volgograd, with several still recovering from injuries. Liubov says her family and friends are fearful of another attack.