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Local Reaction To State Of The State Address

Local State Of State

      ELMIRA---(WEN) Friday a member of Governor Andrew Cuomo's cabinet stopped by Chemung County to break down Wednesday's State of the State Address.
     Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner, Barbara Fiala visited the Chemung County Legislative Chambers to lay out where New York stands and where it's headed in the future. She called to mind the progress New York has made since Governor Cuomo took office, saying New York is now number two in the nation for job creation, and the state has gone from a $10 billion deficit to $2 billion surplus. It's a far cry from the days when New York was the subject of many jokes on late night TV, according to Fiala who said, "For the first time we have real financial discipline and held spending at 2%."
      In staying the course, part of Governor Cuomo's Plan For 2014 is to bring in more business to New York by eliminating the 6% tax for manufacturers, and placing a freeze on property taxes for two years.
      Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli says, "I think those are two very, very important points that need to be made and two pieces of legislation that need to be passed if we're gonna do something to start reducing property taxes in the state."
      George Miner, President of Southern Tier Economic Growth also weighed in saying, "Manufacturers, everybody in upstate is paying the highest taxes in the country. It just puts us behind the 8-ball, so it's just one of those items that just keeps businesses from locating."
      Governor Cuomo is also focusing on bringing in more tourism upstate and offering education incentives to both teachers and students.
      And, to keep people on New York Roads safer, he's toughening up on DWI and texting while driving penalties. DMV Commissioner Fiala says, "If you are caught drinking and driving or are a teenager and you're caught texting while driving, you will lose your license for one year."
     Under the Governor's new plan, If you get three DWI's you will lose your license for good.
      To read Governor Cuomo's full State of the State Address visit http://www.governor.ny.gov/press/01092014-transcript-2014-sos