Local School Adopts Digital Classroom

Local School Adopts Digital Program

CORNING (WENY) -- A local school is going fully digital next year. 
     The Alternative School for Math and Science in Corning is taking technology to another level having the classroom experience all in a Samsung tablet.
     ASMS is one the first schools to fully incorporate the Samsung School in an academic curriculum.
     This is all possible after Corning Inc acquired a division of Samsung earlier this year.
     It's the future of learning, at the touch a screen.
     The Alternative School of Math and Science is exploring a next generation classroom with the help of Samsung.
     "Essentially the tablet becomes a virtual desk and backpack," said Kim Frock, Administrative Head of School. "Eliminates the need for textbooks.  Eliminates the need for paper for them to be carrying things around."
     The students will be connected all the time, in real time with their teachers using Samsung School software.
     Their work is now on the cloud; meaning students can access their assignments and teachers can monitor their students' progress all at once.
     "It gives us huge flexibility in the work that we can assign for kids our students can generate," said Linda Cole, Academic Head of School.
     In the classroom, the teacher has the master tablet controlling what the students do on theirs.
     On this new software, students can generate multimedia presentations, producing a variety of content in a 21st century way.
     "I think it will help so I can keep track of stuff then to take ten minutes to find where my homework was," said 7th grader, J.T. Ryan. "And it will make me to have access."
     By connecting to Google Drive, the students will take notes, hand in homework and access the internet to better understand content in class.
     The students say they wouldn't have to worry about losing papers or missing assignments. 
     "Not carrying around a backpack," said 6th grader, Chloe Chervenic. "I think it's going to be fun having everything I need for class in one tablet."
     Both students and teachers will get a training course by Samsung on how to use the Learning Suite.
     The program will be in full swing this upcoming September.