Lowman UMC Closes Doors this Weekend

Lowman UMC Closing this Weekend

LOWMAN (WENY) -- For the past 12 years, Nancy Blake has been helping dozens of families in need with healthy and nutritious food at the food pantry she started at the Lowman United Methodist Church. By the end of the  weekend, she's told the doors will be closed for good because the United Methodist Church is closing the Lowman location, saying the church isn't viable.
      "I remember when I first opened and so many people said 'why are you doing this it's not needed?' And guess what? I'm kind of still here and it is needed," said Blake.
     Nancy helps 40 to 60 families a month with food for their homes and monthly community lunches. Money for the food comes from the community, through donations or selling items at rummage sales.
     "It's just one hand that joins your hand that joins another hand and one day we'll come full circle and then hopefully the problem will be solved," said Blake.
     The Food bank of the Southern Tier understands the need for a food pantry in Lowman and is working on any potential future plans. Meantime, they've made a list of currently available programs and mobile food pantries in the area for Lowman neighbors. The list is below as a PDF.
     "Certainly, we're going to be in touch with the people who have their feet on the ground and understand what we can do to continue to support people in Lowman as close as we can to their neighborhood," said Matthew Griffin, Director of Agency Services and Programs, Food Bank of the Southern Tier.
     Griffin understands not everyone has access to transportation. For those people he suggests calling pantries to see if someone can deliver food, or see if there's a neighbor who can pick some up for them.
 Food Pantries Close to Lowman