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Meals on Wheels Bike Deliveries

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Meals on Wheels Bike Deliveries

ELMIRA (WENY) -- For the past five years, on Tuesdays in May, bikers have been hooking meals up to their bikes to deliver to senior citizens in the area to help Meals on Wheels in Chemung County.
     They say it brings awareness to bicycle safety and helps those in need.
     "It's always neat to see them and end up making them smile by bringing them food and just make sure that they're having a nice day," said Kent Goben, a bike volunteer and the Nutrition Services Coordinator at the Office for the Aging.
     WENY News went along with Kent and met some of the people meals on wheels impacts every day.. People like Ann Waddell who isn't able to cook or grocery shop on her own anymore.
     "I can't do stuff on my own, I just got a hip replacement," said Waddell.
      Ann Waddell is one of  over 19,000 senior citizens who live in Chemung County-- making up 22 percent of the population.
     Kent Goben also delivered meals to Lawrence King who started as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels. Within a few weeks, he became a full time employee, cooking  for 13 years.
     ""I enjoy it, I still go down there once in a while and visit because it's a wonderful program," said King.
     Like King many senior citizens look forward to seeing volunteers who drop off various meals based on preference and dietary restrictions every day.
     "This is one of the few times that a lot of these people  see anybody throughout the entire day," said Goben. "They get a chance to have someone stop in even if for a few minutes. That gives them a chance to be checked, so a family member knows somebody has eyes on them every single day."
     Goben says there has been an out pouring of support this month, but there's a need for volunteers throughout the year.
     You can find out how to volunteer by visiting: http://www.mealsonwheelschemung.org/1volunteers.html