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Michaels Security Breach

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Michaels Security Breach

ELMIRA (WENY) Another mass data breach, this time at Michaels. The Craft store has announced that up to 3 million credit and debit cards could be affected-- including customers here in the Southern Tier. 
     Back in January, Michaels let people know about the breach. They hired two expert security firms to look into it.
     According to a press release put out by the company hackers got into Michael's computers getting information like card numbers and expiration dates. They say there's no evidence that other personal information like a customer's name, address or PIN, is also at risk.
     At the Elmira store, dates of exposure are May 2013 to October 2013, then October to November, and again from December to this January. In Ithaca, shoppers were exposed from May to July last year.
     Michael's says they've fully contained the incident; however, customers here in the Southern Tier are still concerned.
     "It makes you want to shop more with cash versus credit. A lot of people are worried about getting their cards compromised and getting their bank accounts and savings accounts drained," said shopper James Grady.
     Shopper, Loriann Curtis avoids shopping with credit cards all-together. "Instead of using credit cards I try to use cash," said Curtis. "My motto's been since my three children have been small that if I don't have cash to buy it and I have to put it on credit it's not worth buying."
     Michaels is offering identity protection, credit monitoring and fraud assistance services  for 12 months at no cost to customers visit http://www.michaels.com/ for more.