Montour Falls Sewage Treatment Proposal

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Montour Falls Sewage Treatment Proposal

     MONTOUR FALLS - [WENY]     On Wednesday night, Montour Falls Mayor John King presented problems and solutions to the with the village waste water treatment plant, located near the Montour Falls Marina and Campground.
     The treatment plant is pushing 50 years of operation, and according to the village, it is become inefficient, and unreliable. It has racked up 76 permit violations with the State Pollution Discharge Elimination Guidelines. Next door to Montour Falls, the Watkins Glen's treatment facility located on the Seneca Lake waterfront is also aging, and being citing for violations.
     Watkins Glen Mayor Mark Swinnerton said, "The Village of Watkins Glen is in a predicament, we are under a consent order from the DEC, we have to do something."
     Some of the available options for Montour Falls and Watkins Glen is to either repair and upgrade their own facilities, which would buy them a couple more years of life expectancy from the plants, or they could completely rebuild both of them.
     Another option on the table is a regional waste water treatment plant, operated and maintained by both villages. The new plant would bring in new waste treatment technology, and it could save residents and both villages some money in the long run.
     Montour Falls Mayor John King said, "With a joint plant, when you combine the residents of Watkins Glen and Montour Falls, and divide the cost of it up, it still comes out to be a cheaper solution then both of us building our own new plants."
     Some of the economic benefits from the possible new plant, would come from the real estate that both current waste water plants take up, opening it up for redevelopment.
     Swinnerton said, "At this time it is too early to guess what could go in there, but it is valuable land that sits on the waterfront that we are looking to explore a higher and better use for."
     The decision on what option to take would come sometime in March. If the regional treatment plant option is accepted, construction would start in 2017.