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More Details Emerge In Frysinger Case

Written By: Candice Cole
Frysinger Day 2

      BATH---(WENY) More graphic details emerged Wednesday in the second day of the Frysinger sexual assault case. The jury heard from three more witnesses, including the victim and co-defendant Cedric Hairston.
     The victim testified that she couldn't recall anything past playing drinking games that night, and she didn't remember going upstairs to the loft area of the Frysinger's lake house. She also didn't remember consenting to any sexual activity with Jordan Frysinger or Cedric Hairston.
     When asked how much she had to drink that night, she replied, "I have no idea what the actual number was, but I would say around 13.. 13 drinks."
      She also testified that she was told two different versions of what happened to her that night. One version said that she was totally incapacitated when she was being assaulted. The other account suggested that she was making a fool of herself and begging Jordan Frysinger to have sex with her.
     When Cedric Hairston took the stand, he testified that Frysinger had joked with the victim that they, along with two other guys were going to "run train" on her.
      Hairston said he had about 15 beers that night and then fell asleep. That's when he said Frysinger woke him up saying, "we're gonna run train."
      Hairston said that he, the victim, Frysinger and two other guys went upstairs to the loft and he saw Frysinger and the victim standing up kissing, then Frysinger assisted the victim to the floor.
     When asked what Frysinger and the victim were doing, Hairston testified, " He was kissing her. I saw a hump like motion.", and "Her legs were open and he was like, between her legs." He said both the victim and Frysinger were naked from the waist down.
     Hairston said when he made contact with the victim, he kissed her and she kissed him back and she was laughing while he tried to make himself erect.
     He said both his and Frysinger's attempts to penetrate the victim were unsuccessful.
     He said a short while later they were called to come downstairs and heard Frysinger bragging to a mutual friend saying, "I almost [expletive]-ed a corpse."
     Hairston insisted that he never came close to putting his genitals in the victim's mouth and she did not appear to be unconscious.
     The prosecution has now rested its case. We'll have more detail's Thursday.