’Mountain Day’ for ECSD Students

Written By: Asha McKenzie
’Mountain Day’ for ECSD Students

ELMIRA (WENY) -- 6th graders in the Elmira City School District spent their school day at First Arena.
     It's just one orientation event for students from the four elementary schools, before merging next year at the new Broadway academy Middle School
     The event was called Mountain Day.    
     And it was a glimpse of the future middle school.
     The kids got to have fun while meeting students from other schools that will soon be their new classmates.
     "You can just have fun and you meet new kids," said Parley Coburn 6th grader, Daishaun Cardwell. "That's what I like about this day."
     It was a day of games and team building for 6th grade students from the Elmira City School District.
     With the closing of the Ernie Davis Middle School, students from Parley Coburn, Beecher, Broadway and Hendy Elementary will be coming together, this September for the first merged middle school.
     Broadway Middle School will now become Broadway Academy.
     "It was an event to meet new kids so you won't have to embarassed and be all shy when you go to the first day of school and you'll know people," said Beecher Elementary 6th grader, Zach Donovan.
     Mountain Day consisted of adventure based learning, Stem initiaitives and other team oriented events in collaboration with the Chemung County Youth Bureau and GST Boces. 
     The idea comes from Elmira College's Mountain Day, an annual tradition where students and faculty get to know each other through fun activities outside the classroom.
     Before the first bell rings in September, Broadway Academy Principal, Robert Bailey wanted students to meet their future classmates.
     "I've been an administrator for a long time and this is the first chance i've been able to see my school before school opens," said Bailey.
     The Elmira City School District says Mountain Day was such a success and they may make it an annual event.