Negative Campaigning Heating Up 23rd Congressional Race

Negative Ads

      ELMIRA---(WENY) Things are heating up in the 23rd Congressional District race, and not in a good way.
     Since opponent Martha Robertson announced her candidacy for the Democrat ticket, things have been getting more and more tense between her and Republican Incumbent, Tom Reed. Now, with just over six months until November, the two opponents aren't holding anything back.
     Already Robertson's camp has taken full advantage of news that has broken over the last few months of several ethics violations surrounding Tom Reed's campaign, like continuing to run his Corning Law Office under his name, while serving as a member of Congress.
     And more recently, news out of Buffalo which uncovering that Reed used campaign funds to pay his property taxes.
     Now, Reed's camp is firing back at Martha Robertson. His newest ad attacks Robertson's stance on gun control laws and "initial" support of the New York SAFE Act.
      He has suggested that Robertson later flip-flopped on the issue and has accused her of trying to "camouflage her voting past and deceive sportsmen".
     WENY political analyst Dr. Jim Twombly calls the early attacks unusual, and could be a sign of things to come as the election gets closer.
    Dr. Twombly says, "This is one of the districts that I think both parties are targeting, so there's a lot of money pumped into it. If this sniping back and forth continues into September and October, it'll be an interesting battle of the ads if nothing else."
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