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Elmira City Budget Neighborhood Meeting

Neighborhood Meeting

      ELMIRA---(WENY) Elmira City Councilman Bill McCarthy held a neighborhood meeting Thursday night to discuss the city's proposal to increase taxes by 6%.
      With the vote on the table for yet another tax increase, the need for change in the city of Elmira is paramount amongst its constituents.
       Councilman Bill McCarthy, who has been very vocal in his stance against the tax increase, says that if things keep going the way they are, more and more people will continue to leave the city, which will continue to hurt the local economy. One proposed solution is to require city government workers to live in the city. Other suggestions included reducing animal control which is said to use over $300,000.00 of the city's budget and eliminating parking enforcement to cut costs.
      Councilman McCarthy says, "Hopefully we can change the path we're on, because we've got to change it. We can't continue to shrink the tax base, some how we've got to build the base back up."
      Ed Looney, a former Elmira City resident had this to say, "David Sheen has reduced our town of Southport taxes by an average of about 5% per year for the past eight years. I think that the city council should sit down with him, go through the budget with him. He's got all kinds of ideas."
      The proposal goes to vote Monday.