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New App Can Help Prevent DWI

Have a Plan App
(WENY) -  A new smartphone app just released could keep you from behind bars and possibly save your life.
The New York State Stop DWI foundation and the The New York State Governors Traffic Safety Committee created a mobile app to prevent DWIs and fatalities cause by impaired driving.
Its called the Have and Plan app, and it's designed to help get you home safely. The new app can help you enjoy your night out by planning ahead. It gives you shortcuts to taxis drivers, a personal designated driver list and even numbers to Designated drivers volunteers in the area. You can estimate your Blood Alcohol Content level and even test your motor skills using games on the app.
The app provides information on DWI laws and penalties. You can also to report a suspected impaired driver to police.
“This isn't to condone drinking and driving. It's a simply a way if you're out there drinking to show you you've had a little bit too much to drink. And honestly, I have to tell you there's just tragic results that I've seen the last 40 years as a police officer,” says Stueben County Sheriff David Cole.
The app is free to download on your iPhone, Android and Windows phone. For a direct link on how to download the app please visit