New City Manager Appointed

City Manager Appointment

      ELMIRA---(WENY) A big announcement came out of Elmira's city Hall this Thursday morning. Interim City Manager Kimberlee Balok Middaugh has been appointed to take on the position permanently. Elmira Mayor, Sue Skidmore made the announcement at City Hall.
      Middaugh will serve until the current city council's term is up in 2015, making her Elmira's first ever female city manager. Mayor Skidmore, who serves as the city's second ever female mayor, is happy to bring a new perspective to the city's issues.
     Mayor Skidmore says, "She'll be a good change. She's the first female city manager in the city and the second female mayor can work really well with that. And, I think we have a different way of approaching things and thinking about things which is a good change for us."
     On her new appointment, Kimberlee Balok Middaugh says, " The first order of business is, obviously, to start developing plans with the council to help overcome all of the financial challenges that we ahead. It isn't going to be an easy process, but I know if we work together, we can work to make a difference."
     Maddaugh's appointment will not be official until the council has their vote on Monday.