NEW: Two Missing Amish Sisters From New York Found Safe

UPDATE: Search Continues for 2 Amish Girls

OSWEGATCHIE (WENY) -- Two Upstate New York Amish Girls were found safe and sound Thursday night after being abducted from their home, Wednesday evening.
     Nearly 50 officers searched for almost 24 hours for 6-year-old Delila Miller and 12-year-old Fannie Miller from Saint Lawrence County. Investigators said the two sisters were  taken from a roadside stand in front of their home.
     An Amber Alert was issued late Wednesday night for the 6 and 12-year-old girls.

   The girls showed up Thursday in Richville, a town some 30 miles away, after the abductors dropped them off and the sisters walked to a nearby house, authorities told WWNY-TV. Their two abductors had taken them to a home in Bigelow, just outside Richville, and ordered the girls to stay put until authorities were called in.

   The suspect or suspects are still on the run and police will follow up on all leads Friday.  
     Marge Mann has been selling Rhubarb at her stand here in her front yard on Route 14 in Millport for years. The 80-year-old grandmother, often has her grandchildren over, but she says she takes extra caution to keep an eye on them when they're playing outside.
     "I never let them out of my sight because I know unlike those young girls, those Amish girls, they don't know nothing about the world and it's a sad thing," said Mann. "I feel very bad for the parents of those young girls."
     According to authorities, 6-year-old Delila and 12-year-old Fannie Miller went to wait on a customer at the family's roadside stand on the corner of Mount Alone Road and State Route 81 in the town of Oswegatchie. Authorities say, a neighbor saw a passenger in a white four-door sedan put something into the back seat. When the car drove off, the two girls were gone.    
    "It's been tough from the beginning," said Kevin Wells, St. Lawrence County Sheriff. "This is a very important issue with these girls their lives are were worried because whether this was an abduction or whether this is something else that this is something that needs a response and that's we're all here to do."
   Authorities did not have any pictures of the two girls because of the family's strict Amish beliefs.  The family allowed an artist to sketch a picture of 12-year-old Fannie Miller. 
     Both girls were last seen wearing dark blue dresses with blue aprons and black bonnets.