New Owego Sex Offender Law

Written By: Nick Quattrini
New Owego Sex Offender Law

     OWEGO - [WENY]     On Monday night, the Village of Owego Board of Trustees passed a law that would limit how close a sex offender could live near a designated exclusion zone.
     The Board of Village Trustees passed the law 5-to-1, with the law setting up a thousand foot boundary around designated exclusion zones. These zones include places like daycares, youth organizations, domestic violence shelters, homeless housing, and places of worship.
     Mayor Kevin Millar abstained from voting - citing a similar law pending a decision from the New York State Supreme Court of Appeals.
     The law will not affect sex offenders who have established residency in an exclusion zone before the law's effective date. The law is expected to go into effect next week.

     A copy of the law can be found here: /usr/Local%20Law%202%202014.pdf