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New Recognition for Elmira Fire Station

New Historical Recognition for Maxwell Place Fire Station

     ELMIRA (WENY) --  An Elmira fire department that dates back to the 1800's has now been added to the state's list of most threatened historic resources.

     The Preservation League of New York State named The Maxwell Place Fire Station one of the state's 'Seven to Save' buildings for 2014.  Adding the building to the list will help local advocates create a strategy to find investors and funding.

     The station has received limited maintenance since it was last open in 1986.  City leaders have been taking suggestions from the community and local kids.  Some want to see it turned in to office, community or academic space.

     "There may be someone in a different part of the state who would say that may make a great investment opportunity for me," says Tania Werbizky with the Preservation League of New York State.  "That's what we hope happens here."

     The next step for leaders is to do a study of the station.  That will show the condition of the building and give the preservation league a better idea of what needs to be done.