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New Year: Higher Gas Prices

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
New Year: Higher Gas Prices

ATHENS (WENY) -- A trip to the gas station isn't usually on the top of people's list on New Years Eve, but prices in Pennsylvania will likely go up when the ball drops on 2013.
     It's all part of Pennsylvania's new five year transportation bill, meant to improve highways, bridges and mass-transit systems. According to PennDOT, there will be a 9-and-a-half cent per gallon tax increase on unleaded gas, and a 13 cents per gallon tax increase on diesel.
     Most gas station owners, like Scott Millard, who owns Main Street Service Center in Athens, don't make enough profit on gas as is. The average gas station owner makes only about 20 cents per gallon - that's about $3.00 every time the average vehicle with a 15-gallon tank fills up.
     "The margin is so tight between when we get the product that it's not enough margin for us to take the hit on the tax," said Milard. "It makes me feel bad, the customer has to take the hit. They're not making enough money now and now they're going to be paying more in gas."
         Scott's been there since 1999, he says the tax increase could lead to cutting back on hours employees work, or cutting them altogether. He hopes it doesn't lead to that.