New York State Pothole Repairs

New York State Pothole Repair

BATH (WENY) -- The winter weather is slowly tapering off day by day but under the melted snow is the proof of a rough winter.
     Potholes during this the year seem to show up everywhere not only effecting the way our roads are traveled on, but the condition of our cars and tires.
     Governor Andrew Cuomo recently approved 40 million dollars in extra funding to repair roads and bridges.
     In a statement, he said that the state is helping municipalities to make the necessary repairs to make roads safe for drivers.
     Steuben County received roughly $1 million; One of the highest amounts granted in the state.
     "We've had about 15 or 20 of our roads that had some severe winter break up more than normal," said Vincent Spagnoletti, Steuben County's Commisioner of Public Works.
     The amount of money given to each county was determined by the number of roads a county has. Steuben County has 678 miles of road.
     Local officials are looking to make the roads more sustainable in winter weather.
     "In May, we'll be getting our pothole machine in which sprays hot liquid asphalt and stone chips in and that's more permanent fix," said Spagnoletti.
     Shawn Tompson, a motor equipment operator, says that this winter was hard on the roads because of the extremely cold weather.
     "Through the winter the frost has heaved our roads up and the black top is breaking up," sais Tompson.
     But he says they're going to fix up the roads as best as they can.
     "The black top plant is opening up," said Tompson. "We'll use a hot mix which will be a more permanent fix to the road than throughout the winter."
     Local officials say that the extra money from the state is a huge help to the county and taxpayers.
     "This is much less pressure on the county. This is a winfall for us to repair all the damage," said Spagnoletti.