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New York State Pushes Work Zone Safety

New York State Pushes Work Zone Safety

STATEWIDE (WENY) - New York State is making a big push to call attention to work zone safety.
     On Tuesday, the state released a new PSA, using the family of a worker killed by a motorist.
     This is the season of road work ahead signs and unfortunately a time where there are hundreds of work zone accidents.
     Just last year 2 people died and 149 were injured in work zone accidents In New York State.
     "My husband was a flagger for New York State DOT and he was struck and killed," said Michele Farell, wife of Gary Farell, a DOT worker that was killed on the job. "My oldest is 16 he has a disability. Devin did everything with Gary..daddy's little girl. And Alex is my little man. He's just like Gary. I hope people realize, they are trying to make the roads better."
     Gary Farrell was 48 years old when he was hit and killed by a driver while working in a construction zone in 2009.
     And because of stories like Farrell's, the State's Department of Transportation is urging motorists to follow simple road rules to ensure not only their safety but DOT workers as well.
     "What we ask people to do is slow down and pay attention," said Brian Kelly, Region 6 director for the NYSDOT. "No distracted driving. Put the phone down. Obey the speed limits."
     Kelly says every year he hears of accidents that involve drivers and Dot workers.
     He says just last week, a few of his workers had a close call.
     "A dump truck wasn't paying attention, went past the flagger, locked up his breaks, slid through the work zone just barely missed on coming traffic and our workers," said Kelly. "It happens too frequently."
     And New York State police are on board with the campaign as well. 
     With troopers dedicated to making work zones safer.  
     "All I'm asking is that you slow down when you're entering a work zone," said Sergeant Kenneth Kehl of the New York State Police. "And give them some room. They're trying to do a job. They're trying to work."
     Fines are double in work zone areas.
     And the posted speed limit must obeyed even if there is no one is working at the time.


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