No More Campaign

Written By: Kellie Meyer

Monday is the beginning of the ’No More’ campaign.

No More Campaign

March 17, 2014

SOUTHERN TIER (WENY) --  Today is the beginning of the 'No More' campaign, a campaign that says no more to sexual assault and domestic violence.
     On Friday, Congressman Tom Reed gave a speech on his support of the initiative. He emotionally referred to the alleged rape of his 18 year old niece. He said it's something that happened to his family and it's something that he cares passionately about. In a phone conversation with Reed this morning, he says he's ready to say no more.
     Reed said, "we're going to talk about these issues, we're going to debate these issues, of not saying oh it's a taboo topic there's just no more room for that in our society any longer and we're just lending our voice to that effort."
    Beginning today through March 21st is the 'no more' campaign week. Reed wants everyone to share the news of the campaign to try and bring attention to the issue.

    To get more information about the 'No More' Campaign, visit