Northern Tier Murder Suspect Charged

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Northern Tier Murder Suspect Charged
LIBERTY (WENY) --  A 57-year-old woman has been charged for the September murder and assault of an elderly couple in the Northern Tier.
     The crime shook the small community. Many of them say safety practices like locking their doors has become a new routine after the 2013 homicide.
     People in Liberty Township didn't want to talk on camera.
     Many of them still seem to be shaken up by the murder and assault of 82-year-old Oliver Litzelman and his wife Edwina.
     Some say the town is different now, but they are happy someone is behind bars and could soon face more prison time.
     After months of unease in Liberty Township, there's now a face behind the brutal attack on Route 414.
     Debra Lynn Lockett of Morris P-A faced a judge this morning.
     She has been charged for the murder of Oliver Litzelman and assault of Edwina Litzelman.
     On September 13, 2013, police say Lockett entered the elderly couples home, pretending to be a relative.
     She then asked for money, and when the couple didn't meet her demands; she shot Oliver, who later died and attacked Edwina with a sharp object.
     Lockett has been charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assualt, two counts of robbery and a number of other charges.
     Family members of Oliver and Edwina did not want to talk to on camera, but say this heinous crime affected the entire community.
     Lockett is due back in court on Tuesday April 22nd.