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Officers Train in Hotel to be Demolished

Officers Train in Hotel to Be Demolished

CORNING (WENY) -- The Days Inn in Corning is going to be demolished soon, but before that happens, the owners are letting law enforcement use it as training grounds. 
     Officers from the Steuben County Sheriff's Office and Corning Police Department were actively trained on what to do in scenarios like shootings and meth labs.
     Officers were dispatched like normally would be, not knowing the full extent of what lies on the other side.
     "When you go through the door you don't just key in on the person," said Patrolman Shawn Copp, Corning Police Department. "You have to check your surroundings and make sure there are not other weapons or drug paraphernalia. And if there is, there's going to be an indication on why the person is acting the way they're acting."
     But unlike reality, there wasn't the opportunity for defeat it was a chance for officers to learn from mistakes. Supervisors stopped scenarios to lend a helping hand.
     "It just kind of puts you in a situation in our every day role as a Deputy Sheriff or as a Police Officer of things that can happen," said Deputy Brian Logsdon.
      One of the scenarios officers dealt with a noise complaint, that ended up being a meth user.
     "Law enforcement has changed over the past twenty years to deal with the culture, with the new drug problems we face everyday and the situations with domestic violence we encounter," said Steuben Co. Sheriff's Office Captain of Road Patrol, Eric Tyner.
     The Steuben county sheriffs office leads trainings like this for any agency to come to about four times a year