1 Yr. Later: Race Weekend Flooding

1 Yr. Later: Race Weekend Flash Flooding

VETERAN (WENY) -- One year later and some neighbors living around Catherine Creek are still cleaning up.
     The neighborhood surrounding Panther Lick, a tributary of Catherine Creek was filled with water and debris.
     "I'm still cleaning my garage out from all the flood mud," said Joseph Pike. "What can you do?"
     Homes, covered in muck left some scrambling. Neighbors say FEMA isn't providing any funding.
     "We're throwing a lot of stuff out, everybody that lives along here," said Pike.
     Water and debris rushed along the existing natural berm in Panther Lick- not built to handle the magnitude of last year's storm. It in turn, eroded away the neighborhood's only barrier from the water.
     "Well we probably dug out about a foot of mud through the whole yard we took about  15 truck of mud out of here," said Richard LaPierre. "Then we finally decided to level it and plant grass."
     The LaPierre family lost four motorcycles, a car, almost all the trees in their back yard, and had to level the ground.
     LaPierre has done some significant rebuilding and put up a fence, just in case.
     "There's still mud, there will probably be mud here forever," said LaPierre. "You find, there's some mud you didn't see. But, you gotta keep chipping away at it. You can't give up."
     Moving forward, there are plans to install a compacted earth berm with a clay core. That is a significant upgrade to the one that was in place last year and ultimately failed.
     The project is designed by the Chemung County Storm water Coalition. The project will involve county, local, and state agencies including the New York State Office of Parks and Recreation. They hope to have it done within the next year.