"Orange" Wine Coming to Seneca Lake Winery

Written By: Asha McKenzie
"Orange" Wine Coming to Seneca Lake Winery

HIMROD (WENY) - Have you ever had orange wine? Well, One local winery on Seneca Lake is testing out a new wine making process that turns white
     Shaw vineyard is introducing their orange wine this weekendwith two different flavors.
     Shaw's Orange wines are the first of its kind in the Finger Lakes and it's a unique process of making white wine like you would red.
     "During this process, white grapes have a tendency to oxidize in a noticeable way," said Steve Shaw, owner of Shaw Vineyard. "Thus the juice and the subsequent wines tends to get an orange tint to it."
     Making wine this way is gaining popularity overseas.
     And Shaw first thought of trying it here in the Finger Lakes three years ago..And this year, he gave it a shot.
     Like red wines, the process involves giving the white wine grape juice extended contact with the grape skins, which leaves the wine with a rusty orange-like color.
     "I had a few of the orange wines, that I really enjoyed," said Shaw. "So, why not try it in the Finger Lakes."
     Even with the area known for it's aromatic, white wines, Shaw believed it was risk worth taking.
     "I let the grapes, grow on their own," said Shaw. "The yeast that's just found in the atmosphere. Around the winery, in the winery. In the field..."
     And orange wine isn't just about the color.     
     Shaw says to his surprise, it has an orange peel smell with a slightly red wine taste.
     And Although, it's not on the market just yet, Shaw's employees were the first to taste.
     "It's an all around drink," said Dave Shope, employee. "It will satisfy just about everyone's pallet."
     Both orange wines, Vin D'Orange Savignon Blanc and Vin D'Orange Gewurztraminer will make their debut at the Shaw tasting room on August 1st.