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Parental Liability

Parental Liability

     High school graduation is just around the corner which means parents will be hosting graduation parties to celebrate their child's accomplishments. This also means parents may feel pressured to allow underage drinking to take place.

    Just this evening it was announced that Stueben County school board member, Lisa Tracy, was arrested for allegedly allowing underage drinking to take place on her property. The 47 year old, is now being charged with Criminal Nuisance and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. Not only does underage drinking put the child in danger, but it put the parents at risk as well.

    Parents caught providing alcohol or allowing kids to have alcohol on their property could be charged with the following. Endangering the welfare of a child, unlawfully dealing with a child and criminal nuisance. These charges are punishable with up to one thousand dollars in fines and possibly one year in jail. Back in October WENY spoke with Adam Gee, a lawyer at Ziff Law firm and he says that parents are held responsible for every underage drinker in their home. “Unlawfully dealing with a child and that is providing alcohol to someone less than 21 years of age and that would be a separate count for each one of those children you supply alcohol too".”
    Parents that's not the only thing you have to worry about. You're home insurance could increase and possibly be cancelled. Janet LaRue from Trinity of Chemung says parents need to ban together to create a new social norm, that underage drinking is not okay. “I think the most important thing is parents need to talk to there kids. they really nee to sit them down and say what's important. The consequences for them and the kids. You know its dangerous. If a kid left your house and died in a car accident, that parent is liable. And not just the liability, but imagine how they feel.”
     So parents, as you start planning your child's graduation party, plan for it to be a drug and alcohol free environment.