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Penn Yan Flash Flooding Ravages Homes

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Penn Yan Flash Flooding Ravages Homes

PENN YAN (WENY) -- Flash flooding has ravaged homes around Main Street in Penn Yan. Many neighbors have lost nearly everything with flood waters piling in at nearly 8 feet close to Jacobs Brook.
     Some people, like young Trenton Labedee were evacuated out of their homes this morning.    
     "We couldn't get through because we were up in mom's bedroom, and the flood was downstairs," said Labedee.
     Firefighters climbed up to Trenton Labedee's house on Champlin Avenue to get his family out of the window after flash flooding ravaged their home.
     His aunt Amber Pierce says the scene is devastating.
    "It's horrible. There's mud everywhere nothing can be salvaged, it's ridiculous. It's very very sad," said Pierce.
     Several houses in the neighborhood were evacuated, and helicopters hovered in the sky, surveying the area. Emergency crews still don't know the extent of the damage the flood caused.
     Craig Chisom lives on Champlin Avenue as well. He says this is damage he never would have imagined. The creek runs just a hundred feet behind his house. His yellow Jeep was pushed over ten feet to the left by the water. Flood waters also rushed into his home, topping out at nearly 8 feet.
     "There's a big sluice pipe that kind of tapers down into a smaller pipe and debris just got clogged up," said Chisom. "I think things could have been a little better tended so things weren't able to float down there and  get clogged up."
     Despite the damage, neighbors say, they will rebuild