Penn Yan Flood Aftermath

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Penn Yan Flood Aftermath

 PENN YAN (WENY) -- "It's pretty crappy seeing all this and you wouldn't expect this in a small town like Penn Yan," said Jaiden Labarr, Penn Yan resident.
     "Pray for Penn Yan," said Mary Howell Martens, Penn Yan resident. "We didn't expect something like this here and it's defintely not an easy thing to deal with."
     Before last night, something like this wasn't expected.
     Now, residents of Penn Yan are looking at what do first.
     The flash flood that ripped through the area, leaves weeks of clean up.
     "I think this is the worst I've seen in Penn Yan area here," said Dundee Deputy Fire Cheif, Ray Miller. "A lot of damage."
     The Fire Department and clean up crews were pumping basements and clearing the streets in the lower and upper ends of town.
     The rapid rain caused some about 20 feet of water in this area of Penn Yan, pushing cars and trucks from the parking spots, including Mary Howell Martens' trailer.
     Now, Some parts of the village are contaminated with gas and oil.
     "About 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, it decided it wanted to become a boat and it floated down the street, took a right hand turn and a left hand turn and landed up on it's side," said Martens.
     The swampy junk yard Where her v trailer now sits, reeks of gas and chemicals, making it an unsafe and hazardous environment.
     The DEC was on scene to to survey the area.
     Now, Martens says it's time to assess the damage and create a clean up plan.
     "All we got to do is right that trailer and find out how far, how badly it is hurt," said Martens. "That's the only part of our property that is damaged."