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Phone Scam Danger

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Phone Scam Dangers

December 6, 2013

TWIN TIERS -- (WENY) Two weeks ago Bruce Hauver got a phone call from a North Carolina number. He was told his computer had a virus and the mystery caller would promise to get rid of it but at a price.
     "They want you to go right over to your computer and let them connect in and they'll tell you certain key words that will trigger your thoughts they say words like Microsoft and they say security so therefore you're thinking I'm relating this to a company that I've heard so therefore it must be safe," said Hauver.
     The first one he blew off. But the mystery caller called back. This time Bruce was knew what the caller wanted.
     "If somebody wants me to go to my computer and they're on the other end and they want to connect into it something's not right especially when they drive the call," he added.
     The same thing happen to a woman from Newfield. She didn't want to reveal her identity because she's not sure how the callers found her.
     "He said there were two computers that were hooked into my internet and he wanted me to know about that because it was a crime they were doing that," she said.
     Both were quick to realize this was a scam. But are worried if others might not know these scammers are out there.
     Hauver added, "my advice for anybody that gets this type of call is to not along them to connect into the computer that's going to be the number one factor I would look at because if someone wants to connect in they're going to do damage to your computer."
      We tried calling the number ourselves but it was disconnected. Some tips if you get the call, make sure you back up all of your information on your computer just in case. If you do get the call just hang up.