Police Investigate Possible Mobile Meth Lab

Possible Mobile Meth Lab

WAVERLY (WENY) -- The car is locked up, but the driver Who police say had many chemical items and equipment indicative of a meth lab is still on the run.
     "We have a suspect in mind," said Sargent David Dekay. "We're not releasing the name at this time. We're still doing an investigation on the owner of the vehicle and who the driver was of the vehicle."
      The car is a Red Jeep with the New York State License plate FWN9883. An officer turned around after he noticed a traffic violation around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning, but before he could stop the person behind the wheel, the driver sped off.
     The driver rushed north on Orange Street and ended up in Rick Boehn's back yard after rushing through a stop sign at the corner of Moore and Waverly St.
     "It dug quite a trench in the lawn and we wondered if there would be an explosion when the police told us to get back because it was a dangerous situation," said Boehn. "They didn't know what chemicals were in the Jeep.
     Police say the driver fled by foot and abandoned the red jeep in Boehn's back yard.
     Boehn was shocked when police knocked on his door around 1:45 a.m. "Just in a small town like this, you wouldn't think they would have a high speed chase like this, but crimes crime and it's happening all over." 
     His house borders Lincoln Street Elementary School. Students are on Spring Break this week, but parents are still nervous of how close it happened to the Drug Free School zone.
     "Drugs have kind of taken over this town," said parent, Danelle Forbes-McMahon. "It's not really that surprising, but it's scary that it happened that close to the school."
     Investigators are doing their best to combat the growing drug problem in the area. Anyone with information that would help the Waverly Police Department find the suspect can call them at (607) 565-2836, post tips, or message them on their Facebook Page.