Possible Speed Limit Reduction in Big Flats

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Possible Speed Limit Reduction in Big Flats

July 24, 2013

BIG FLATS -- (WENY) Public Works Comissioner Andy Avery wants an investigation into the speed limit on two roads in Big Flats. Chambers Road and Sing sing Road. Tonight the town board made their decision on how to handle the investigation.
    Chemung County Public Works Commissioner Andrew Avery made the request to the Town of Big Flats. He says the speed limits are not consistent.
Avery needed the okay from the Town of Big Flats before going ahead with the investigation.
     The board agreed with his request but decided to extend it a little further. Going from Kahler Road to the entrance of the former Wings of Eagles facility. The other starts at the intersection of Chambers Road and Sing Sing road and goes until the Catlin Town Line.
     Their concern is for the residential areas on that part of the road.
     "When you have new housing you tend to have kids and kids dont necessarily understand that they shouldn't be running out in the streets so you want to have some kind of factor of safety for them," said Avery.
     Teresa Dean, Town Supervisor for Big Flats added, "the increase of the development in those areas I feel that warrants another look to see."
     Now Avery will go to the Department of Transportation so they can start their study.