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Potential for Flooding

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Potential for Flooding

ELMIRA (WENY) -- After days of freezing temperatures, today brought some relief, but that brings some flooding concerns.
     On a conference call with the National Weather Service Chemung County's Emergency Management Deputy Director for Administration, Kristin Card was told it would take 30 straight hours of temperatures in the 40's for the Chemung River to flood. It's still mostly frozen over.
     "We're not gonna have enough rain and enough snow melt in order for there to be any major flooding occurring from run off," said Card. "The wild card is always the ice."
     As was the case back in January when neighborhoods in Ithaca flooded from ice jams on Cascadilla Creek. Card doesn't think that'll be the issue on the river, but there could be some ice jams on creeks and streams. Those could be dangerous to try to break on your own and even more risky if you try walking on it.
     "If you go through that ice, especially if it's a deep part of the river you're going to go under that ice and when you go under, you don't necessarily come back up through the hole," said Card.
     Card  says if the Chemung River does flood, the water will likely run off into nearby creeks or ditches.
     Meantime, at Service Master in Horseheads, they're expecting calls to start coming in for basements flooding.
     "The  best thing to do there is make sure you have content up off the ground at least a foot and a half," said Mike LeGro, General Manager, Service Master. "Other content you may want to make sure it's in plastic totes and things like that, so it doesn't get damaged if water does get into the home."
     Melting snow and growing puddles, could be a sign of things to come; however, that's not the only thing they've been getting calls for at Service Master.
     "Ice dams are another big issue; ice building up on people's roofs and things like that and backing up into ceilings closets bedrooms that kind of thing," said LeGro.
     He suggests checking for any snow buildup your house and if you have any, hiring a company to remove it.