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Propane Shortage Hits Twin Tiers

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Propane Shortage Hits Twin Tiers

ODESSA (WENY) -- When he moved into his home last Summer, Matt Kelly never imagined heating costs would impact his honeymoon plans for this Summer.
     "We have been starting to save for the honeymoon, but now we're burning through that trying to heat our home," said Kelly.
      He and his fiancé ran out of gas in the two 100 gallon tankers they use to heat their homes twice in the past 6 weeks. They say that's 30-40% more than the previous home owners and they're only heating up to 62 degrees.    
     "The trick for us is to stay bundled up," said Kelly. "We stay upstairs in the bedroom where the heat kind of collects."
     Kelly says their him is energy efficient.
     "It's got vinyl siding, most of the windows have been replaced it's very well insulated," said Kelly. "It's just something we can't believe. We find it hard to fathom."
     He's had his tanks checked for any leaks. They found none. He's expecting to pay about $3,000 dollars this Winter, so he's looking for other ways to keep warm.
     "We're looking at wood pellet stoves, but you know, right now our honeymoon trip to the Bahamas is looking more like propane in Upstate New York," said Kelly.
     The propane shortage is also impacting the way Arin Walter does business at Arin's Auto. He's wondering if he should keep his 800 gallon tanker from Amerigas.
      He uses it to fill up customer's propane tanks for things like RV's and grills, but he knows if he gets charged more, he'll have to charge customer's more.
     "If they raise it too much then I just will ask customers if they want me to sell it," said Walter. "Because if I can't make it affordable for people to buy, then there's no sense in me selling it."
     Both New York and Pennsylvania have declared energy emergencies to ease restrictions and expedite propane deliveries.