Puppy Trapped in Crate Freezes To Death

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Puppy Trapped in Crate Freezes To Death

January 23, 2014

TIOGA COUNTY (WENY) -- A puppy was left to freeze to death in a crate in Tioga County.
     On Sunday the body of a puppy or young black and tan dog was found frozen in an upside down crate about 100 feet off Cummings Creek Road. This information comes from the Facebook page trying desperately to find out who could do such a thing.
     The dog, who they named Elsa, was picked up by the Tioga County Dog warden and taken to East Smithfield, PA to find out the cause of her death. Elsa's case is now a criminal investigation being conducted by the PA State Police.
     Anyone with any information please call Wendy Reber @ Animal Care Sanctuary in Wellsboro, Pa. 570-724-3687 or the Pennsylvania State Police or Dog Warden, Don Tinder at 814-722-6719.
     Here is the link to the Facebook page.