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Push for Bradford County CodeRED System

Push for Bradford County CodeRED

TOWANDA (WENY) -- When in an emergency situation, sheer minutes can make all the difference. That's where a new system called Code RED being used in Bradford County comes in.
     They launched the program around this time last year. People with land lines were automatically enrolled to get notices for things like severe storms, tornado warnings, or hazardous material spills. 
 Jo Ann Daly, Bradford County Emergency Management Coordinator explained warnings for a storm for instance, would go out to people in the path.
     "So there would be no question of what this is doing or where this is going," said Daly.
      But, in today's day and age, not many people have a land line any more. That's why the county's encouraging people to register their cell phones with the system.
     " Well I think it's great because so may people are on the road a lot," said Evelyn Sherburne. "I mean I don't even know why I have a house phone because it never rings anymore; everyone just calls my cell phone."   
     "There's a lot of times where I've had to call my kids and say , 'Do you know this is going on? Be careful, there's a tornado warning or whatever' and they're like 'Oh, we didn't hear about that,'" said Susanne Definis.
     A year after its launch, only about 2000 people in the county have registered their cell phones.
     "There's a lot more utilization that can be done through the cell phones, text messages, emails, things of that nature that haven't been used to it's full potential yet," said Daryl Miller, Bradford County Commissioner.
     The new system has already been helpful this Winter getting the word out about polar temperatures. Just over the past few weeks, we've had a slew of advisories.
     "Busted water mains in communities where there were water issues where there were boil water advisories, it was used for those types of things," said Commissioner Miller.
     The service is free for landlines and cell phones, but the mobile app costs $4.99. The benefit is that wherever you go, you'll be able to get important alerts.
      Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the PDF below.