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Rain and Snowmelt Could Freeze Roads

Rain and Snow Melt Could Freeze

ELMIRA (WENY) -- A little bit of rain is causing a lot of problems on the streets of Elmira. Some basins and storm drains are blocked off by snow and ice, so that water has no where to go.
      That was the case earlier today on the corner of Davis and Church Streets.
      "We had a lot of rain, some of the basins are frozen," said Steve Baker, Public Works Specialist. "So we flushed the water into the manhole, so in case it freezes tonight it won't freeze to the road and we can get rid of the water."
     They're working hard to make sure all the streets are clear because if that water freezes, it could make for some slippery roads tonight.
     "If it does freeze, people should slow down a little bit," said Baker.
    If it doesn't freeze, that water makes it's way into pump stations another place workers are keeping their eyes on.
     "We also went out to our pump stations that we regularly check and maintain to make sure they're working correctly to get water off the streets out of the station to where they need to drain out," said Brian Beasley, Acting Director of Public Works.
    Blocks and failures could result in entire neighborhoods going under. It's not just ice causing concern, many times storm drains are blocked off by leaves that may have been buried under inches of snow.
     "With the storm drains you just want to see if they're plugged up," said Beasley "If they're plugged up and not draining, give us a call and we'll have somebody go out and check them out."
     You can reach Elmira's Department of Public Works at (607) 737-5750.