ReEntry Theatre Program Performs Friday And Saturday

Written By: Cody Carlson
ReEntry Theatre Program Performs Friday And Saturday

ITHACA (WENY)-- The Civic Ensemble in Ithaca is giving ex-convicts a chance to tell their story. The re-entry theater program is an 8 week program for formerly incarcerated people to write a play about their past.

Each person in the group has the chance to write their own script about their own life. Each story is collaborated together to create one big performance. This gives former inmates the opportunity to not only show off their creative side, but to learn everything there is to know about theater. After working hard for a couple months, the curtain is finally ready to go up. Working together, these actors will show the world that even those with a bad past can still have a bright future.

"We'd like to send a message that people who re-enter back in society, they have real ambitions in life, and they have real goals," says Kahlil Bey, and actor and playwright for the re-entry theater program.

"I think that self-esteem is a great issue to uplift the formerly incarcerated individuals, have them see a sense of worth. I think that's really important," Bey explains.

Their first performance was Friday night, and they have another one Saturday night at 7:30 at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca. The admission is free, but they are asking for donations to help keep the re-entry theater program running.