Reaction To State Of The Union Address


      ELMIRA---(WENY) Tuesday night, President Barack Obama addressed the nation with his State of the Union Address from the White House.
     WENY Political Analyst, Dr. Jim Twombly weighed in on the President's speech saying, "I thought it wasn't a very inspiring speech, but I think it was very technical, a bit wonky, focusing on public policy...a long list of things like many state of the union addresses do."
      In his speech, President Obama called for this to be a year of action, saying 2014 could be a breakthrough year for the country.
     He called to mind that as a nation, we've seen the lowest unemployment rate in five years and America is back on top, beating out China as the number one place to invest in.
     Dr. Twombly says the President tried to be conciliatory at times during his speech. However, much of the Republican reaction is focusing on Obama's promise to expand opportunities for Americans without Congress if need be.
      The President also spoke on bringing more jobs back to the US by making a commitment to American energy, extracting natural gas safely, and improving American roads and bridges. He called on Congress to protect over 3 million jobs by finishing transportation and waterways bills by this summer.
     Dr. Twombly says, "We've needed infrastructure reform for a long time. Not only would NY and the Southern Tier benefit from that, but the nation as a whole would benefit from revitalizing our infrastructure."
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