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Reed Looks to Reauthorize COPS

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Reed Looks to Reauthorize COPS Program

September 2, 2014

SOUTHERN TIER (WENY) - As the kiddos head back to school, one question on many parents minds is safety. Congressman Tom Reed is bringing something to D.C. next week to help ease their concerns.
     Reed is hoping to re-authorize the COPS Program, otherwise known as the Community Oriented Policing Services, with a specific reference to student resource officers. It would be a five year program with $30 million to apply specifically to the school resource officers.
     Surrounded by tragic events like Sandy Hook and Isla Vista, Congressman Reed is looking to re-authorize this legislation, which was last done in 2005.
     Congressman Tom Reed said, "to me, that is the right thing to do as we care about the safety of our kids as they return to school and spend time in school. I think it's only right that we prioritize their safety through the school resource officers program."
    We've seen the loss of school resource officers here in our area. Horseheads High School lost their officer Scott McGrain just last year.