Regional Projects To Receive Funding

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Regional Projects To Receive Funding

OWEGO (WENY) -- The Regional Economic Development Council of the Southern Tier is now deciding what projects will receive funding this year.
     The group has some extra funds this round due to previous plans that were terminated.
     In today's meeting, council member received progress reports and updates on current projects.
     Now they are looking ahead to strengthen the region's economy.
     The Regional Economic Development Council of the Southern Tier is looking to build this region's economy in its fourth round of funding.
     179 applications have been submitted for future projects.
     "There's a big process of narrowing down to the ones that we believe meets our strategic plan and tries to move the southern tier economically as quickly as possible," said Harvey Stenger, Co-Chair of the Economic Development Council.
     Chemung County Executive, Tom Santulli, says the county received funding last round and is hopeful for more.
     "The most important one was Elmira College," said Santulli. "Advancing their nursing program because there's such a demand for degree nurses today. We'll certaintly take a look now that these dollars are out there and relocated."
     Unlike Elmira College, some projects chosen in Round 2 have recently been terminated, freeing up 3 and a half million dollars to be reallocated.
     A sewer project that halted in Lansing received over 2 million dollars.
     Now that money will be used for shovel ready projects and Community revitalization programs.
     "We'll be competing with the other nine regions, there's ten regions overall," said Tom Tranter, Co-chair of the Economic Development Council. "The last two years, we've been one of the four that were awarded the best on the region. And if you receive that award you receive at least 25 million in EST money."
     Council members will target business and industry sectors this year.
     Focusing on department of labor and work force programs to push the Start Up NY initiative.
     With the overall goal to align it with the Global New York Initiative to attract foreign imports and exports to the region.
     The council has ten days to decide on who will receive funding.
     And Those projects will be announced at their next meeting on August 7th