Rep. Reed & Robertson Respond to Ethics Investigation

Rep. Reed & Robertson Respond to Ethics Investigation
      SOUTHERN TIER (WENY) -- Congressman Tom Reed is catching some heat for news that he possibly broke ethics rules related to the name of his former law firm.

     The Buffalo News reports it has documents showing Reed's former law office in Corning was still operating under his name, even after he took office. Under Congressional rules, a firm is not allowed to do this while a person is serving in his or her political position.

     Reed insists he has not been practicing law, and is fully cooperating with the ethics committee.

      "We never practiced law, I let my law license go into retirement mode," Reed said during his weekly media call on Monday. "We've been transparent, we've been fully cooperating with the powers that be. We've brought in outside council to makes sure document everything. To follow the ethics laws is critical to me."

       On Tuesday, Democrat Martha Robertson who is running for the 23 district congressional seat organized her own press conference to talk about the investigation.  She is says there are missing answers related to the case, and wants to see all correspondence between Reed's lawyers and the taxpayer-funded Ethics Committee.

      "The Department of State says today, that's an active law firm. So we have questions the voters of the Southern Tier and Westrern New York have a right to know what's going on and why his public statements apparently contradict the public documents," Robertson says.

       Congressman Reed released this statment about the isse on Tuesday:

"Today, my attorneys contacted the Office of Congressional Ethics to discuss this matter in an effort to resolve any questions. As stated before, we contacted the Committee on Ethics when I was first elected to Congress in an effort to ensure that we are in compliance with the Ethics Rules and to make every effort to preserve the jobs of the twenty-four employees whose jobs were at stake. Now that we are in discussions with the OCE, we need to respect this process by not making any additional public statements at this time so that the OCE can review this matter in an orderly and efficient manner."