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SAFE Act Bullet Provision Begins

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
SAFE Act Bullet Provision Begins

SCHUYLER COUNTY (WENY) --  Around this time last year shelves at gun shops across New York State were nearly wiped clean of ammunition after Governor Cuomo pushed passage the SAFE Act through the legislature within just a few days.
     Law abiding citizens were concerned about a provision on gun ammunition that takes effect today. It requires  face-to-face ammunition sales from licensed dealers.
     Last year, hunter Jim Sonnema was one of the shoppers at Hesselson's in Elmira Heights.
     "I think a lot of these infringements with the gun rights are against our constitutional rights," said Sonnema. "As long as you're a law abiding citizen, and you have no criminal record, you should be able to buy as much or anything you want."
     And the law isn't just holding up everyday citizen. In Schuyler County, the Sheriff's office still hasn't received last year's ammunition order.
     "We actually have to order a year out," said Schuyler County Sheriff Bill Yessman. "We're still waiting on our order from last year and it's going to be several months before we see that."
     The law requires gun shop owners like Jim Emmons of  Seneca Gun Sports to keep track of bullet sales and perform background checks on ammo buyers, once a state database is up and running.
     "The idea being that a background check would be done, but the background check isn't ready yet," said Emmons. "So, it's like we're only halfway there. It's confusing."
     The law has already banned Emmons from selling popular semi-automatic rifles and large capacity magazines. He says the latest provision might help him.
     " I guess that would be good for us because it would have to be shipped here they would have to purchase it here," said Emmons.
     Meantime, he says those customers could just as easily go minutes across the border to Pennsylvania.