Married Same-Sex Couple Praises DOMA Ruling

Same Sex Couple Praises DOMA Decision

CORNING -- (WENY) Connie and Louise Sullivan-Blum have been together for over 20 years. But up until the Supreme Courts ruling today, they weren't eligible for Federal Benefits currently available to married heterosexual couples.
     "Even when New York State changed the laws we could have filed together, State taxes, but then it would have cost twice as much because then you would have to re-do it for federal," says Louise.
     That's just one of many road blocks Connie and Louise faced. They got married in Canada in 2003, and later in New York when same sex marriage became legal under the Marriage Equality Act.
     Connie legally adopted Louise's daughter Zoe when she was born 18 years ago.
     "When Zoe was young she was ill and Louis was away at a business trip and at the pediatricians they challenged by relationship," says Connie.
     "She legally adopted me when I was born even though they weren't married. For my whole life, she was still legally my mom," says Zoe.
     Now, Zoe is gearing up for college at Skidmore in Saratoga Springs this Fall. Another unexpected bump in the road-- filling out Financial Aid paperwork.
     "We had forms for Federal Government and forms for state government and it depended on what State the college was in that she was looking at," says Connie.
     And Zoe applied to twelve schools.
     "I mean college is a really exciting time and they had to be worried about all this, oh well we're not allowed to be legally married so it means this for you and this for you," says Zoe.
     For the Sullivan-Blum, family things are starting to fall into place. Next step, a celebration for their legal love.
     We reached out to over two dozen Churches for their reaction to DOMA all declining to comment on the decision on camera.