Saving The Historic Bell Tower

Saving the Bell Tower

      ELMIRA---(WENY) An Elmira church is getting some much needed funds to help fix damages to a historic Landmark following the tornado of 2012.
     Walter Wagner, Council President of The First United Church of Christ in Elmira said, " The bell tower was aged, and when the tornado came, the wind just blew the mortar from between the bricks, so this is something that has to be done, or else the bell tower just might come down."
     Following the tornado, the church sustained thousands of dollars in damages in broken windows and window frames.
     And while, those were being fixed, more damage was discovered-compromising the very foundation of the bell tower. Wagner said, "We put in for a $10,000.00 grant to re-point the bell tower. Some of the bricks are loose and we just need to have it re-pointed from top to bottom. And, It's about an $80,000.00 project."
     In addition to the grant, the church has managed to raise an additional $20,000.00 but they still have about $50,000.00 more to go.
     The church's Pastor, Rev. Richard Hubbard says, "We've had people with a lot of imaginative ways of fundraising that they've put into effect and have helped raise a considerable sum regarding the small size of our congregation."
     The church is selling bells for the bell tower and other hand crafted gifts to raise money, and hosting dinners to collect funds.
     Rev. Hubbard says, "We're happy for any help that people can provide to a landmark that stood for over a hundred years in Elmira."
    They hope to get the repairs done this year, otherwise the price of repairs will increase by 10%.
     If you would like to donate, call 607-734-5428 or email .