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Schuyler Co. Tornado Brings Major Damage

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Schuyler Co. Tornado Brings Major Damage

READING (WENY) -- It was just another day for Jeff Toby who was out on his tractor.
     "I was down a quarter mile, mowing the field when I saw the funnel cloud touch down," said Toby.
     That's when he whipped out his cell phone and took video of the twister.  
     "It seems like a bad dream until you wake up and it's still here," said Toby.
     At the same time, his daughter, Jamie Toby was canoeing down the road on a pond.
     Seeing rain, her grandmother Laura came outside to call Jamie in.
     "I turned my head to look and I could just see this funnel forming in the sky," said Jamie.
     She jumped out of the canoe, and they ran into their car. Just moments later, the tornado picked the canoe up and carried it about an eighth of a mile from the pond and wrapped it around a flag pole.
     "We got into the driveway and I watched the whole side of the house come off," said Jamie.
      Inside the house, was her 78-year-old disabled grandfather.
     "It sucked everything out of the bedroom, left him right there on the bed. It was a miracle," said Jeff.
     "It's really scary and I'm really thankful to be alive and I cannot believe that nobody got hurt," said Jamie.
     Jamie and her family have never experienced anything like this in their years of living in Schuyler County. Her grandparents, were building an addition to their home.
     "I mean the house is still there, but the inside is totally destroyed, so i'm hoping when we rebuild with the insurance everything can be built to meet the needs of my grandfather and everything is going to be ok," said Jamie.
     Until then, her grandparents will be living in their camper and she will be staying with her parents, who live down the road.